Friday, June 26, 2009

Goin' to get my babies!!!

My babies have been gone since Monday. They went to my in-laws' an hour away to go to their church's vacation bible school this week. I'm going to pick them up this afternoon. As many of you know, this is the longest I have been without them. I'm doing ok. I've filled my week with lots of things to do, had people over and kept myself busy to make up for the loss in company. I guess since we homeschool I have just become so used to having them with me at all times that I really do miss them when they're gone. That doesn't mean they never drive me crazy or make me want to pull my hair out, but I must admit those times are rare.
While I sometimes, usually when going through pix, miss the cuteness of the baby stage, I really enjoy where they both are now. Seems like each new stage they get to I like even better than the one before. They are so fun to have conversation with now. Their thoughts and ideas amaze me sometimes! And, they never cease to crack me up daily!!
I thought I'd share a few of my favorite pix of them together.

A kiss from big brother. Tanner was only a few days old.

They may no longer look like babies to you, but they will always be my little babies! They are, by no means, perfect children, but I couldn't imagine our lives without them!


Brandy said...

The second and third pictures are so cute, they look so much like themselves if that makes since. I think your children are incredible. I do not know them well, but from the outside looking in they seem to be so well behaved and obedient. It seemd like you and Mike have done a great job with them and that ya'll have a really wonderful relationship with them.

amyers said...

WOW! that was so sweet of you to say. i'm actually at a loss for words! you have no idea how much that means to hear someone say that. i will continue to read it over and over again! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww.. It's true. I've told you on more than one occasion that y'all have done great with them and they are enjoyable children. Continue on, continue on. I still want to be like you when I grow up! :) -Katherine