Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Elvis Lives (if only to Tanner)!

Many of you know that Tanner loves Elvis. He is almost eight and knows the words to more Elvis songs than the average person. I think it started with the movie Lilo and Stitch and grew from there with some help from his two papas. Thanks alot Papa Roy for the Elvis CD! I only have to hear it every day of my life! I'm scared I'm going to sprout sideburns!! The other day we were singing the Doxology in the car and when we finished he said very quietly, as if not even to really be heard, "thank you, thank you very much"!

Well, yesterday I booked our room at none other than the Heartbreak Hotel! Tanner heard about Graceland on TV a while back and immediately put in to go. We planned on going in September but when I called to book our room, there were no rooms available. I gave Tanner a choice of either staying somewhere else and still going in September or waiting until late October, early November and getting to stay at the Heartbreak Hotel (he calls it the Elvis hotel). He actually chose to wait!! So, we're off to see "The King" in November. It's not anywhere Mike and I ever really wanted to go, but to see his excitement will be fun!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Punctuation Day!

Today is National Punctuation Day! Who knew?!?!

For all you punctuationally (?) challenged...

My Ninjas

The boys had their first public Tae Kwon Do demonstration yesterday at a local healthfest. The weather could not have been more perfect for the outdoor event!
All of the kids did a great job! My mom even commented that the kids did better than the adult class that followed!
The boys have played baseball, soccer and flag football in the past. I think they have learned more in Tae Kwon Do than any other sport. I was a little concerned about Tanner as he is my more active one and not too much holds his attention for very long. But he goes into that class and he is focused. He is in his zone! Part of their pledge says 'and have self control in my actions'. Tanner has learned to control his actions (if only in class!). The teacher commands respect and order but has alot of fun with them as well. They all seem to really like him.
I'm sure we will play soccer and flag football again as there is a local church with the upward program that we love. And when the time comes, I think the boys will be better teammates and athletes because of what they are learning in Tae Kwon Do.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday/Anniversary

Today is my father-in-law's birthday.
Happy Birthday Papa!! We love you!

Today is also my sister-in-law's one year anniversary! I know, how cruel was that to make your dad give away his only daughter on his birthday!! :)
Happy Anniversary Mike & Misty!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall is in the air!

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall and it looks like Tanner and I will be ushering it in with the first colds of the season. We both have runny noses, coughs and scratchy throats. This just gives us a reason to have a cup of coffee (hot chocolate for Mr. T) and snuggle! I'm already thinking of all the soups and stews I plan to make as the weather begins to cool!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Our car club had a cruise-in tonight at a Starbuck's in a neighboring town. We have a collection of old cars we are restoring and try to support local shows when we can. It's a great family activity. The boys enjoy the fast cars! I'll post our cars soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Guys

OK, already I'm told people like pictures. So, I thought I would start off with a pic of my three guys. Mike took this with his phone and sent it to me on our anniversary. What fun these three are!
I'll be sure to try to include pix as often as I can.

Welcome to my blog!

I finally have a blog! Now, what to write? What pressure this first post is!
I'm not blogging because I think we live this extraordinarily exciting life, but I would like to share some of our experiences with homeschooling, funny kid stories (have lots of these!), etc. It's also a great way for out of town family to keep up with us.

I guess I should start off with a little about myself:
I am not a very good writer (as you will soon see)
I love homeschooling
Fall is my favorite season (I can feel it in the air already!)
I enjoy embroidery
I like to cook
I cannot eat off of plates with pictures
I speed

I had to add that last one in there to make me sound a little more exciting!! :)

I guess this concludes my first post. To all you experienced bloggers: advice, criticism and suggestions are welcome!!